Instant hot water Electric Water Heater

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  • LED Temperature Display
  • EU Plug Product DescriptionElectric Hot Water Heater Faucet
  • Product Name: Fast Electric Faucet
  • Rated Voltage:220V/50HZ
  • Rated Power: 3000W
  • Working Pressure: 0.04-0.5 MPA
  • Waterproof grade : IPX4
  • Cord Length : About 1.1 m
  • Plug Type: GN-901
  • Diameter: General Diameter
  • Inflow Model: Under/Lateral Inlet
  • Surface Material Pipe: Composite Plating
  • Spool: Diamond Level Ceramic Spool
  • Heating Element : High-purity Copper Liner
  • Main Material: H59A Level Environmental Refined
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  • Instant Electric Faucet
  • 3000 watt consumption
  • ·Easy to install and operate
  • right side is for cold water left side is for hot water there is not any mixture option in all instnat electric taP in center point the water flow cut off
  • ·Only 3-5 seconds,the hot water can be used, Hot water is available any time without preheating. the water temperature starts from your normal weather temperature where you exist like your envirement temperture is 25 degree it will start from here and can go to maximum up to 65 degree
  • if you have a high water pressure in your home then you can control your temperature of this product otherwise you cannot control this temperature because there is no thermostate option in any instant electric water heater tap because there is no tank available thats stores water
  • if you have low water pressure you get the maximum hot water in which you cannot use it directly you need to store water in any bucket or place then mix it with cld water
  • if you have high water pressure between 0.04mpa to 0.6 mpa then you can cotrol the hotness of water approximately not constant by changing the direction of handle ,,on the top left side the wate flow is maximum and the temerature is minimum towards middle the water flow is minimum and the the temperature is maximum


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