Strong Bonding Glue Anti-Leaking Sealant,


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  • ★ Roof Leak Repair Glue: Waterproof agent, easily solve the problem of water leakage. Clean the foundation surface before construction to ensure that the foundation surface is dry and dry.
  • ★ The Effect is Remarkable: Effectively fills in the cracks and tiny holes of walls to stop leakage of liquid substances. Spray or scrub the product directly on the surface of ceramic tiles, floor and brick tiles.
  • Wait a few minutes for the product to penetrate. When there is no liquid on the surface, spray twice or three times to enhance the effect.
  • ★ Long-Lasting: With a quick-drying ingredients for easy plaster, repair, and seal. Powerful solution with a long-lasting result.A waterproof layer can be formed after 24-48 hours, and the waterproof layer will become stronger over time.
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